Below you find the provisional programme of the Conference.
Of course, the programme is still subject to changes.

We will keep this page updated and, in a while, we will upload a first draft of the timetable.

As you can see, there is a rich variety of contributions!
Some of them will be in German

For your information, the Conference will begin on Thursday 30th May at 1.15 pm (Registration from 11.30 am) and finish on Saturday 1st June at 1.30 pm.


Research papers and practice papers

Together as one. Teaching and learning music in individual and collective settings.
Andrea Schiavio

Contextual Contingencies of Performative Interactions
Helmi Vent

Music-related creativity as the dynamics of oscillating processes
Anna Maria Kalcher

Creative teaching and learning with body movements improves the singing process and vocal quality
Pirjo Nenonen

‚Über Geschmack lässt sich streiten.‘ Mögliche Strategien in der Bewertung kreativer Produkte
Michaela Schwarzbauer, Katharina Steinhauser, Juliane Friedl

Demystifying Creativity: From a fundamental understanding to practical methods
Andreas Kissenbeck

The relevance of Joint Attention for collaborative work in inclusive settings
Shirley Salmon

Kreative Prozesse anleiten und beobachten (Blickwinkel aus der Arbeit der Münchner Hochschule)
Hans-Ulrich Schäfer-Lembeck, Philipp Weiß, Lucie Wohlgenannt

My Dream Rainbow
Banu Özevin

From apathy to the moment of fulfilment: Musical creativity within the context of dementia
Silke Lehmann

Social inclusion and meaning-making in musical interaction. The M4M project.
Andrea Schiavio, Andrea Gande, Silke Kruse-Weber

“… singing right away without thinking about it”. Empirical reconstruction of action-guiding knowledge and orientations in musical group improvisation of pupils at secondary level 1
Johannes Treß

Music improvisation in educational settings as transformative interaction. How students find new ways of making music while interacting with each other and their teachers.
Andrea Welte, Jan Jachmann

Musical Bibliodrama – Creative Interactions in Classroom Settings
Christian Kaufmann

Die Schönheit des Taoismus - Kreative Interaktionen und Taoismus: Altchinesische Weg zu Rhythmik und EMP
Lele Kremer

„fisch in dir“ - Bausteine und Spielregeln zur gemeinsamen Entwicklung einer Musiktheaterperformance
Marno Schulze, Max Schumacher

Komposition und kreatives Musiktheater im Kontext frühkindlicher Bildung und Primärschulbildung
Gudrun Koch

Michelle O’Reilly, Mirjam von Kirschten

“Musik im Miteinander” - ein Modell systemischer und kreativer Öffnung zur musikalischen Erfahrung in Kindertageseinrichtungen
Carola Wagner

Oper findet Stadt. Teilhabeorientiertes Musiktheater in der Praxis
Thalia Kellmeyer

Creative processes in music and dance classes with non-native speaking children aged 4-6: Challenges and pedagogical strategies
Michaela Weinhauser



React and play
Thommy Andersson

Odd rhythms - Is it really odd?
Banu Özevin

Creative percussion in the group
Wolfram Winkel

The others around me. A workshop on body / space / group awareness
David Russo

„Pachelbel im Fußballstadion“. Ein kreativer Ansatz zur vokalen Gruppenimprovisation
Bernhard Gritsch

The creative possibilities in songs and music
Lavina Chong Wei Li

Creative learning with voice and body movements
Pirjo Nenonen

You play as you are. Experiencing how personality traits find expression in musical improvisation
Andreas Kissenbeck

Soundpainting Workshop. A Taster
Carina Dengler

Kreativ, aber wie? Ideen für die freie Improvisation mit verschiedenen Gruppen - Musikalisches und soziales Lernen auf vielen Ebenen
Birgit Saßmannshaus

How to let go? The role of a teacher in creative group processes
Mirjam Elisabeth Bauer

The exploration of our inner voice. An interactive workshop to create vocal music as a group
Christin Bonin

Things that sound – creating a percussion piece with readymade objects
Wolfram Winkel


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March 14, 2019

Programme and contributions

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